For years I’ve had ideas rattling through my head of things I want to do in my life. For the first time I’ve written my Life List to help me focus on achieving these life goals. This list is not static, it will grow and evolve as I do so I expect to continually change the goals that appear on it as I go through life. There are also a few goals on there that I achieved in the past as I felt it was important to include goals that I would be looking to do now if I hadn’t already achieved them. Anyway I hope you are able to draw some inspiration from my list and I’m always open to new suggestions!

Sport & Adventure

1. Bag all 284 Munros – 13 bagged to date (watch ‘A Munro Bagging Microadventure’)

2. ✓ Climb a mountain in the snow – 20.02.11 (watch ‘A Microadventure in Snowdonia‘)

3. Climb into the crater of a volcano

4. Climb Mont Blanc

5. Climb Mount Elbrus

6. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

7. ✓ Crawl through the ‘wormhole’ (again) – 01.10.11 (read ‘The Wormhole, Bridge Jumping & Sleeping Under the Stars’)

8. Cycle across a country

9. ✓ Do a bungee jump – Aug 2005

10. ✓ Do a skydive – 03.11.02

11. ✓ Enter a lion pen – Dec 2004

12. ✓ Fly a plane – Nov 2002

13. Free dive over 5m in the sea

14. ✓ Go on a balloon flight – 23.08.11 (read ‘Balloon Flights: Just Full of Hot Air?’)

15. Go scuba diving

16. ✓ Go wild swimming – 01.10.11 (read ‘The Wormhole, Bridge Jumping & Sleeping Under the Stars’)

17. Jump the world’s highest bungee

18. Learn to rock climb – taking lessons

19. Learn to ski – had first lesson

20. Overcome my fear of deep open water

21. ✓ Play a new team sport – 19.09.11 (Korfball)

22. ✓ Play curling – 15.10.11 (read ‘Curling – The Greatest Sport in the World?’)

23. ✓ Play in an 11-a-side football game – 08.12.11 (read ‘Football’s Greatest Grudge Match’)

24. Raft from source to sea

25. Raft the length of a Scottish loch

26. ✓ Ride a horse – 21.09.11

27. Ride a motorcycle

28. ✓ Ride in a fire engine – Nov 2004

29. Ride the Severn bore

30. Score a century in a cricket match

31. Trek through the Himalayas

32. ✓ Try archery – 08.07.12 (read ‘Segway and SkyBow‘)

33. ✓ Watch the sun rise on a mountain top – 01.10.11 (read ‘The Wormhole, Bridge Jumping & Sleeping Under the Stars’)

Travel & Leisure

34. Backpack around South America

35. Bathe in a natural spa

36. ✓ Be an extra in a film – 02.03.12 (a zombie in The Eschatrilogy)

37. ✓ Be in a TV programme audience – 07.05.12 (Bang Goes the Theory)

38. Break a world record

39. ✓ Drive a tractor – 31.08.11 (read ‘Tractor Driving: Only for the Country Folk?’)

40. ✓ Go on safari – Aug 2005

41. Go on safari in the Serengeti

42. ✓ Go sledging – 04.02.12

43. ✓ Go to a classical music concert – 19.10.12

44. ✓ Go to a music festival – 08.06.12 (‘No Direction Home’ festival)

45. Print my photos onto canvas

46. Ride on top of a train

47. Shower in a waterfall

48. ✓ Sit and paint a scene  – 26.08.12

49. ✓ Sleep under the stars – 01.10.11 (read ‘The Wormhole, Bridge Jumping & Sleeping Under the Stars’)

50. ✓ Spend a day taking photos of my city – 26.02.12 (chose London as I’ve spent all year photographing Sheffield!)

51. Spend a week on a deserted tropical island

52. ✓ Take a photo every day for a year – 04.10.12 (watch ‘A Year in Photos‘ video)

53. Travel First Class on a plane

54. ✓ Travel inside the Arctic Circle – 22.06.12 (watch ‘Hitchhiking to the Arctic Circle‘ video)

55. Travel into space

56. Trek in the Amazon Rainforest

57. ✓ Visit Auschwitz – March 2005 (read ‘Polska Jest Rajem: Poland is Paradise’)

58. Watch every Best Picture Academy Award winning movie

Friends & Family

59. Ask a friend to write a random goal I must complete (Recreate Team GB’s finest moments)

60. ✓ Be a best man – July 2004

61. Buy a house with land

62. Get a dog

63. Get married

64. Keep bees

65. Keep chickens

66. Learn more about my ancestors

67. ✓ Play ‘Come Dine with Me’ with friends – 21.08.12

68. Play a practical joke on someone

69. Start a family

70. Start a vegetable garden

71. Throw a big house warming party

Personal Development

72. Become proficient in photography – underway & ongoing

73. Create something out of wood

74. Learn a magic trick

75. Learn survival and put it into practice

76. Learn to say ‘hello’, ‘thank you’ and ‘cheers’ in 30 languages – underway & ongoing (see this post for the translations to do this yourself)

77. ✓ Learn to solve a Rubic’s cube – 19.07.12

78. Read at least 10 classic novels

79. Undertake Mountain Leader training

80. Write a poem

Career & Finance

81. ✓ Appear in a newspaper regarding my own business (read ‘Game On for Career Ideas’)

82. Appear on the radio regarding my own business

83. Appear on television regarding my own business

84. ✓ Earn a living from my own business – underway and ongoing

85. Get out of my overdraft (and stay out!)

86. ✓ Patent an invention – 25.08.11 (read ‘My First Invention: Career Detectives‘)

87. ✓ Create my own blog – 03.10.11

88. Become financially independent by the time I’m 40

89. See Goalvanise achieve 100,000 members

90. Be flown all expenses paid to a meeting in another country

91. ✓ Be the director of a company by the time I’m 30 – 24.03.09 (aged 26 – now been director of 4 companies before 30)

92. ✓ Work abroad for more than a year – Oct 2004 – Nov 2005 (read ‘Polska Jest Rajem: Poland is Paradise’ or ‘South Africa: The World in One Country’)

93. ✓ Buy & run a pub – 01.04.09 (The Riverside on behalf of Point Blank Theatre)

94. Buy a boat I can take on the open sea


95. Actively boycott my blacklisted companies – underway & ongoing (see ‘Every Little Hurts: Why to Boycott Tesco…’ for one of these companies)

96. ✓ Give blood regularly – underway & ongoing

97. ✓ Go vegetarian for a month – 31.01.12

98. Make the world a better place – underway & ongoing

99. Mentor someone – underway & ongoing

100. Plant a tree

101. Start recycling – underway & ongoing

102. Volunteer on a community project at least once a year – underway & ongoing

103. Organise a community project in Johannesburg townships

104. ‘Pay it Forward’ to 3 people

105. ✓ Run a Cultural Education Project in the UK – May 2007

106. Organise another Cultural Education Project

107. ✓ Organise a protest march – Oct 2005

Health & Fitness

108. Exercise on average 3 times per week – ongoing

109. Run a half marathon in less than 1h 30min

110. Run a marathon – training for the London Marathon 2012

111. Give up high methane emitting meat (beef & lamb) – underway & ongoing

112. Catch, kill and prepare a fish

113. Drink a yard of ale at Oktoberfest

114. ✓ Eat at a Michelin star restaurant – 27.02.12

115. Pick and eat wild mushrooms

116. Brew my own beer

3 responses »

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your list Jon!

    I blog about my bucket list too

    I currently have over 260 items on my list and am over half way there (though it is growing all the time, and you’ve given me some great inspiration!)

    So far I have managed to do so much in the 18 months I’ve been blogging including:

    Fly through the Grand Canyon in a Helicopter
    Sky-dive for the hospice who nursed my father in his dying days
    Go Zorbing
    Visit the Big Buddha in Thailand
    See the Temple of Karnak in Egypt
    Take my 5 year old daughter to visit the REAL Santa in Lapland
    Take my children to Disney
    Watch a cirque du Soleil Show
    Ride a dune buggy through the desert
    Drive a Quad bike through the desert
    Go snorkelling in the Red Sea
    See Tutankhamun’s tomb and Mummy
    Go to the Maldives
    Go Wacky Racing – in a bed, a double decker car, a road-legal desk and a sofa!
    Go Bungee Jumping in Thailand
    Take my family Indoor Sky-Diving
    Stay in a Tipi on a working Ranch by the Grand Canyon
    Visit Las Vegas
    Ride the rides at the Top of The Stratosphere
    Learn to fly a helicopter
    Learn to fly aerobatics
    Go caving in a kayak in Thailand with my family
    Experience Weightlessness
    Zip-line from the top of Red Mountain in Nevada
    Hike through the Valley of Fire,
    Visit the Island of Phi Phi
    See the Statue of Liberty
    Go to a camping Music Festival
    Attend the 8 week course in Mindfulness

    This year I am staying in an Ice hotel,
    Hopefully seeing the Northern Lights
    Going on Safari in Kenya, Africa
    Visiting an African Orphanage,
    Seeing The Masai Mara
    Watching Fuerzabruta
    Going to Glastonbury
    Taking my sons for a helicopter ride
    Flying in a Hang-glider!

    It’s amazing what we can achieve when we set our intentions!

  2. Jon Maiden says:

    Thanks Emma. It’s lovely to read through your own list, and the touching inspiration behind it. Wonderful to see you making the very most of life though – as you said “growing old is not a birth right, it is a privilege.” Too few of us understand this.

    I actually saw your article in the Mail a long time ago. I’ve had it bookmarked all this time to write about once we launch Goalvanise (we’ve launched the blog but not the main site yet). I’d still really like to write a feature about you if you’re interested? Check out to see the types of posts we’re writing and for more info on Goalvanise (which will enable people to create their Life List online and support them to achieve their goals).

    It’s also great that you commented on my Life List as it’s prompted me to read through these goals again – it’s been too long since I did that! At present I’m focusing a lot on getting my businesses off the ground and my 10 Challenges 4 Cancer. But it’s a nice reminder to not let other life goals slip.

    Anyway, thanks again for reading through my list and blog – I’m eagerly following yours now too and hopefully may be able to write about your achievements in the near future if you’re up for it…


  3. Hey Jon,
    I love your blog, and have been inspired to start my own. Your ideas/comments/suggestions would be highly appreciated:

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