41 Complete or Ongoing, 9 Still to Achieve…

On 23rd August 2011 I started on a journey to achieve 50 Goals in a Year. Why 23rd August? Why not! There is no wrong time to start achieving your life goals and I don’t believe in waiting around for ‘the right time’. The aim of the list is to help me live every day to the full and achieve far more of my life goals – the things that are really important to me. Most of these are on my main Life List and they represent a wide range of challenges across all aspects of my life – some obviously far more difficult than others. I don’t want people to be able to say that you can only achieve life goals with money so I have intentionally made it so that each of these goals can be completed with less than £100 – and many for free.

  1. ✓ Actively boycott my blacklisted companies – ongoing, boycotted a range of companies throughout the year
  2. ✓ Appear in a newspaper for my own business – 31.01.12 (read ‘Game On for Career Ideas’ plus featured in the Yorkshire Post and The Times)
  3. Appear on the radio for my own business
  4. Ask a friend to write a random goal I must complete (Recreate Team GB’s finest moments)
  5. ✓ Bag my first 10 Munros – 27.10.11 (watch ‘A Munro Bagging Microadventure’)
  6. ✓ Be an extra in a film – 02.03.12 (read ‘My Film Debut: A Zombie Extra in The Eschatrilogy’)
  7. ✓ Become proficient in photography – you be the judge! (I’m certainly a lot better than I was)
  8. ✓ Be in a TV programme audience – 11.09.12 (Countdown)
  9. ✓ Challenge my fear of deep water – 24.05.12 (swam across Blackroot Lake in Sutton Park + much deeper in Zakynthos)
  10. ✓ Climb a mountain in the snow – 20.02.12 (watch ‘A Microadventure in Snowdonia‘)
  11. ✓ Climb the highest mountain in the UK – 28.10.11 (watch ‘A Munro Bagging Microadventure’)
  12. ✓ Crawl through the ‘wormhole’ (again) – 01.10.11 (read ‘The Wormhole, Bridge Jumping & Sleeping Under the Stars’)
  13. ✓ Create something out of wood – 15.04.12 (built a raised garden but want to create something better)
  14. ✓ Drive a tractor – 31.08.11 (read ‘Tractor Driving: Only for the Country Folk?’)
  15. ✓ Earn a living from my own business
  16. ✓ Exercise on average 3 times per week 
  17. ✓ Get out of my overdraft (and stay out!) – been out for around 6 months now
  18. ✓ Give blood regularly – ongoing, four times during the year
  19. ✓ Go on a balloon flight – 23.08.11 (read ‘Balloon Flights: Just Full of Hot Air?’)
  20. ✓ Go sledging – 04.02.12
  21. ✓ Go to a classical music concert – 19.10.12 (St Petersburg Symphony Orchestra)
  22. ✓ Go to a music festival – 08.06.12 (see “No Direction Home: A Festival in Photos’)
  23. ✓ Go vegetarian for a month – 31.01.12
  24. ✓ Go wild swimming – 01.10.11 (read ‘The Wormhole, Bridge Jumping & Sleeping Under the Stars’)
  25. Learn a magic trick
  26. Learn to say ‘hello’, ‘thank you’ and ‘cheers’ in 30 languages (see this post for the translations to do this yourself)
  27. ✓ Learn to solve a Rubic’s cube – 19.07.12
  28. ✓ Make the world a better place – possibly complete / certainly ongoing (watch this space for a blog post specifically about this one)
  29. ✓ Mentor someone – ongoing, informally mentoring plus signed up to the Lighthouse Self-Leadership Project
  30. ✓ Patent an invention – 25.08.11 (read ‘My First Invention: Career Detectives’)
  31. Plant a tree – planning to plant an orchard at my mum’s in the autumn
  32. ✓ Play ‘Come Dine with Me’ with friends – 21.08.12
  33. ✓ Play curling – 15.10.11 (read ‘Curling – The Greatest Sport in the World?’)
  34. ✓ Play in an 11-a-side football game – 08.12.11 (read ‘Football’s Greatest Grudge Match’)
  35. Raft from source to sea – planned for near future (Sheffield to the sea + across Scotland)
  36. ✓ Ride a horse – 21.09.11
  37. Run a marathon – was training for October run but postponed for London Marathon as part of 10 Challenges 4 Cancer
  38. Score another half century in cricket – scored 48, 42, 40 and 38 but the half century evaded me!
  39. ✓ Sit and paint a scene – 26.08.12
  40. ✓ Sleep under the stars – 01.10.11 (read ‘The Wormhole, Bridge Jumping & Sleeping Under the Stars’)
  41. ✓ Spend a day taking photos of my city – 26.02.12 (spent all year photographing Sheffield so… watch ‘A Lap of the Monopoly Board’)
  42. ✓ Start recycling – started, but plenty of room for improvement!
  43. ✓ Take climbing lessons – 20.08.12
  44. ✓ Take a photo every day for a year – 04.10.12 (watch ‘A Year in Photos‘ video)
  45. ✓ Try a new team sport – 19.09.11 (Korfball)
  46. ✓ Try archery – 08.07.12 (read ‘Segway and SkyBow‘)
  47. ✓ Try skiing – 25.08.12
  48. ✓ Volunteer on a community project – ongoing, various projects over the year
  49. ✓ Watch the sun rise on a mountain top – 01.10.11 (read ‘The Wormhole, Bridge Jumping & Sleeping Under the Stars’)
  50. Write a poem

12 responses »

  1. Terje says:

    Nice list:) I have some of those also on my list, not that I have a proper list like this.
    How come you don’t have “underway & on-going” for item no 43? If you haven’t started, then you’re already too late to achieve it. Oh, and I could have taught you no 26…

    • Jon Maiden says:

      Hi Terje,

      Thanks for your message. You have read it in detail to notice the problem with ‘take a photo every day for a year’ goal! I did actually start this on 23rd August but I found that, with only my phone to take pictures on, it was a very uninspired set of photos. I’ve now got an SLR camera so have started again as of yesterday. So technically I won’t be able to complete within the year but if I keep it up until next August I’ll be well on the way! I always wanted to solve a Rubic’s cube ever since I was very young – have looked at some tutorials online but it’s still very complex. Did you have help or are you one of those geniuses who can just pick one up and complete it? Very jealous if so!

      You should write your list – you’ll be far more likely to achieve your life goals once they are written down. I suspect you’re already living a few of them though 🙂 Goalvanise will be launching soon – hopefully that could tempt you to get writing…

      Hope you’re well,


  2. James King says:

    Great list Jon, would love to do Ben Nevis and 10 Murrows myself. I’ve donw Snowdon and Cadair in Wales, but still have many sumits I want to find in Wales alone.

    I like your concept of “to do in 1 year” it brings an element of time to it, where if you didn’t have it we mmight drag things out too long until we never get the chance.
    I may adopt this myself, and each year, set myself a new set of goals, perhaps from my birthday onwards?
    I’m 30 in 2012, so was thinking of doing a ’30’ theme where by I do 30 things or use 30 as a criteria, like run 30 miles, climb 30 mountains over 600m etc.

  3. Jon Maiden says:

    Hi James,

    Yes I can’t recommend Munro Bagging highly enough – as you’ll see from my microadventure video it was an experience hard to surpass. Snowdonia is next on the list for me actually – some great ridge walks there apparently.

    The 50 Goals in a Year has really worked out well. I’ve achieved life goals that otherwise I’d have just been waiting for ‘someday’ to complete. It really is a fantastic incentive and I plan to have a 50 Goals list every year from now on. Your “30” themed lists sound like a great idea – particularly the 30 miles, 30 mountains etc – that could become a really interesting and inspiring list of accomplishments.

    I looked through your site – brilliant work. Really inspiring. And I love the photography! I look forward to following your progress in completing the goals on your life list… and seeing what 2012 has in store!


  4. andylmoore says:

    Of all those yet to achieve I would say the half century is the toughest. In my book anyway.

    • Jon Maiden says:

      Couldn’t agree more! Only scored one in my life so far and with the worst British summer in a long time games are few and far between too. I should be ok on the rest though I reckon. Thanks for checking out my list of goals though. Look forward to seeing more of your blog in the future too…
      Cheers, Jon

      • andylmoore says:

        My max score was 32. I was a better bowler. Much preferred to chuck a solid brick at someone than receive it. Some great and ambitious goals. How long did it take to pull the list together?

      • Jon Maiden says:

        I like to describe myself as a ‘specialist fielder’ although often not too good at that either! But I love to play cricket – best sport in the world. I’d settle to just playing a match at the moment. Bloody rain!

        I suppose I’ve been thinking about my life list for years, but I just took a few quiet evenings thinking about the goals some more to pull together this years list of 50. I plan to keep it rolling with 50 goals each year as it’s a great way to ensure you’re doing the things you’ve decided are a priority. Plus I’m hoping my ‘micro’ adventures this year can gradually become more ‘macro’ adventures in the future.

        Do you have a life list? Be interesting to read about your goals…

      • andylmoore says:

        That’s a big question my friend. My big hairy goal is polar opposite. I’ve travelled, done triathlons, half marathons, worked overseas. I need to learn to be happy in the now. Today. That is very hard for me.

      • Jon Maiden says:

        Hmm but woudn’t goal achievement help you be happier in the now, even if the goal relate more to career, personal development, friends and family or community etc, rather than travel or adventure? I see goals as helping you focus on what’s important, what will make you happy, and keeping you working towards what you, and not society, have decided are your priorities. Grab a pen and paper. If nothing else, it’s fun!

  5. Looks like we’re similar in the life list department and our love for ‘living’! Great list and idea to have them accomplished in a year! 🙂 Something I should perhaps attempt in 2013.

    • Jon Maiden says:

      Absolutely! I’m just writing an article reviewing my attempt to achieve 50 Goals in a Year at the moment. It’s certainly made it one of, if not the most memorable year of my life. Life lists are great at providing you the motivation to get out from our too comfortable surroundings and go and do all the things we’ve always dreamed of. I’d definitely recommend a list of X goals to complete in a year. But why wait until new year? I started mine on a random day – 23rd August – my own ‘new year’!

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