We have never lived through a time where young people are so disenfranchised. Currently 1 in 4 young people cannot find work and a greater number than ever report feeling powerless to influence change. We therefore have a responsibility to prepare children for life after school – to ensure that they are able to seize opportunities, and even create their own, rather than simply conform. Our aim as educators should be to create a learning environment rich in context, value and purpose where children learn for the now, not just for future exams.

The world’s best education systems are competency, not content, driven. The competencies essential for young people to thrive in the modern world include: focus, preparedness, conviction, perseverance, creativity, curiosity, resilience, risk taking, independence and, most importantly, a sense of purpose.

Career Detectives

My company, Big Green Fox, has recently launched a teaching resource which helps young people develop each of these competencies whilst raising aspirations and personal value. Career Detectives, a holistic teaching resource centred around a board game, provides stimulating information about careers across all sectors within the context of a range of creative activities focused on developing these essential competencies.

One of the leading advocates of this pioneering education philosophy is Richard Gerver, who received the “School Head Teacher of the Year Award” in 2005 for leading a school on the brink of closure to becoming one of the most innovative in the world. Richard is a passionate supporter of Career Detectives and offered this endorsement:

“It has never been more important that our children understand the relevance of education for the development and realisation of their aspirations and ultimately their futures. Too many young people struggle to understand what their interests and strengths can lead to in adult life. Career Detectives in an innovative, fun and powerful tool that connects life and learning brilliantly!”

Career Detectives is a resource for the innovative and forward thinking educator. Yes, the resource helps schools evidence a number of Ofsted outcomes. Yes, it enhances the core curriculum and therefore aids attainment. But more so, the use of Career Detectives is a significant step in schools helping children understand who they are, their purpose at school, and the value they can offer their community and the wider world. Career Detectives helps create a learning environment rich in context, value and purpose for all children, not just those who are academically gifted.

Please click here for more information about Career Detectives. For anyone interested in progressive reforms to the education system, then I would also urge you to check out Richard Gerver’s blog articles here. He undoubtedly is one of the most inspirational leaders of our generation.

About Jon Maiden

Founder of Goalvanise which enables people to create their Life List online, and inspires and supports them to achieve their life goals. Check out the Goalvanise blog here or my personal blog here.

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