So my year long photo challenge comes to an end… and what a year it’s been. I’ll be writing a separate blog entry soon about what I’ve learned, and experienced, by taking a photo a day, and why I believe everyone should undertake this challenge at some point in there life. Plus I’ll be making a video bringing together my collection of 366 photos.

But in the meantime, here are my final batch of photos. This month features my ten days on the Greek island of Zakynthos as well as the Red Arrows, the Countdown studio and David Attenborough (kind of), plus grannies, zombies, cats, dogs and a drunk horse! I hope you enjoy…

Sheffield cityscape at night

What better way to finish my photo a day challenge than with a photo of my beloved Sheffield. I’d been planning to take my tripod out and take this for months… 03.09.12

Drunk horse

I did tell Ben that he shouldn’t drink Stella! The big ginger beast doing an excellent impression of a drunk horse! 02.09.12

Cat in black and white, 'Cats not Kids' sticker

Mollie in front of the ‘Cats not Kids’ sticker on my business partner’s computer 01.10.12

Kinder Edges in Edale

An incredibly wet walk up Grindsbrook onto the Kinder Edges in Edale 30.09.12

Jumping photo in front of Chatsworth House

Jumping photo in front of Chatsworth House after a walk around Dovedale 29.09.12

Granny Turismo, grannies on Segways

There are new Sheffield grannies in town! A bizarre but brilliant street performance act – Granny Turismo – grannies on Segways! 28.09.12

Big Green Fox at the Star Business Awards

Myself and my Big Green Fox business partner, Joseph, at the Star Business Awards where we were shortlisted for the Business Start Up award 27.09.12

Mappin Building on Mappin Street, Sheffield

The Grade II listed Sir Frederick Mappin Building on Mappin Street, Sheffield 26.09.12

Career Detectives board game

Career Detectives laid out ready for a meeting in the Creative Sheffield board room 25.09.12

Pindus mountain range from aeroplane

An early morning view over the Pindus mountain range in central Greece – from the aeroplane back to England 24.09.12

The Blue Caves of Zakynthos

The Blue Caves of Zakynthos – taken from the powerboat we hired to explore the western coast of Zakynthos 23.09.12

Navagio Beach aka Shipwreck Cove on Zakynthos

The most beautiful beach in the world? Navagio Beach aka Shipwreck Cove – the highlight of our day quad biking around the west coast of Zakynthos 22.09.12

Sandy feet on beach

Sandy toes on a glorious beach we had all to ourselves as people stayed away due to strong winds 21.09.12

Praying mantis

A praying mantis shortly before it actually started doing flying kung-fu on us in retaliation for taking the photo! 20.09.12

Agios Sostis (or Cameo) island in Laganas

Agios Sostis (or Cameo) island in Laganas – part of a fantastic boat trip around the south of the Zakynthos 19.09.12

Sad dog, cute dog

The world’s cutest but saddest dog – found shivering and soaking wet at our hotel – and later adopted and taken home by a British couple 18.09.12

Alykanas beach, legs on beach

A lazy day on the beach at Alykanas – storm clouds still looming threateningly in the sky 17.09.12

Zakynthos Xigia beach, deserted beach

The beautiful beach of Xigia in Zakynthos – our reward after a morning of cycling through the mountains 16.09.12

Sun cream splashed with rain

We certainly didn’t need sun cream or the swimming pool The day washed out by the heaviest and most prolonged rain I’ve ever seen 15.09.12

Grandparents and grandson looking out on the ocean

Grandparents and grandson looking out on the ocean on a stormy first day in Zakynthos 14.09.12

Mountains poking through the clouds, The Alps

The Alps poking through the cloud en route to Zakynthos – exhilarating to imagine that I may be climbing one of these next year 13.09.12

"Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything." Alexander Hamilton

Sheffield’s new fact totem featuring this excellent quote: “Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything.” Alexander Hamilton 12.09.12

Countdown studio

My first time in a TV audience – and Countdown (featuring Jon Culshaw in dictionary corner) didn’t disappoint! 11.09.12

Red Arrows

The Red Arrows flying over Hyde Park as part of the Olympic closing celebrations 10.09.12

Corona bottle on cricket pitch

A beer to bring the curtain down on my season with another score in the 40s – the half century evaded me yet again this season though 09.09.12

St. George's Church in Sheffield

My old university lecture theatre, St. George’s Church in Sheffield 08.09.12

The Eschatrilogy zombie extras at Penistone Paramount

Zombies! The premier of The Eschatrilogy – the film in which I was a zombie extra – at the Penistone Paramount 07.09.12

Decaying old iron railings

Decaying old iron railings surrounding a grave in Sheffield Central Cemetery 06.09.12

David Attenborough street art in Sheffield

David Attenborough street art in Sheffield (by Chris Butcher) 05.09.12

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  1. A great mix to end the twelve months Jon – I think Nivea and Corona will be after you for an advertising project! And your such a cheat… ‘quadbiking’??? You have to earn those views… get yourself a bike, haha!

    • Jon Maiden says:

      Cheers Chris. Look out for the video coming soon. If I’m after product freebies though then I’m sure I could think of something better to target than Nivea sun cream… living in England! And it took a lot of work clutching that accelerator all the way of those hills! Looking forward to your next update… Jon

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