Microadventures do not need to be filled with adrenaline. Sometimes they can simply involve doing something new or, in this case, exploring somewhere new…

Throughout my life, I’ve only ever been to London for day trips, or at most for long weekends. Although I always try to walk wherever possible, and avoid the soul destroying rabbit warren, I’ve never really felt that I know my capital city much at all. It was time for this to change. So with my London dwelling friend, Adam, I embarked on a challenge to visit every street and station on the Monopoly board in a single day. The challenge took us about 9 hours in total, mostly on foot with a short section on Boris bikes (an adventure in itself!). Here’s a very short photographic video of this unique microadventure…

This was a fantastic way to experience London beyond the tourist trail – to discover hidden gems and experience first hand the vastly contrasting lifestyles of London residents. Most notably, it made London make much more sense. We understood how the disjointed pockets of London that we already knew all pieced together.

If you’d like to see to undertake this walk yourself you can find a useful route map here or see the image below.

Lap of Monopoly board route map


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Founder of Goalvanise which enables people to create their Life List online, and inspires and supports them to achieve their life goals. Check out the Goalvanise blog here or my personal blog here.

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