The penultimate month of my photo challenge featuring my introduction to horse riding and climbing, our Come Dine with Me competition, classic cars, churches and cats aplenty.

Come Dine with Me, stew, dinner party

The final night of Come Dine with Me featuring some hearty traditional English grub – and Ollie in a dodgy flat cap! 04.09.12

Dinner party

The penultimate round of our Come Dine with Me competition featuring an Italian themed menu and Campari cocktails 03.09.12

Beauchief Abbey, Sheffield

The 825 year old Beauchief Abbey basking in the evening sun 02.09.12

Horse and rider in black and white

My first proper riding lesson on Jasper – now comfortable in a rising trot without hands! 01.09.12

Pepper plan bearing fruit

My pepper plant bearing its first fruit 31.08.12

Follow Your Dreams - Cancelled

Found hanging on a friends wall – apt for our troubled times 30.08.12

Cleaning camping gear leant to friends for the washed out Creamfields Festival – no hanging point left unused! 29.08.12

Billy Fury sculpture at Liverpool's Albert Dock

Silhouette of the Billy Fury sculpture at Liverpool’s Albert Dock 28.08.12

Lonely tree, Brecon Beacons

A lonely tree set against stormy skies in the Brecon Beacons in Wales 27.08.12

Jessica Ennis welcome home event

Ennis frenzy as 20,000 Sheffielder’s welcome home an Olympic heroin 17.08.12

Black and white cat and animal like tree trunk

My mum’s cat Bertie in front of an animal-like wooden bench 26.08.12

SnoZone Castleford

Watching the pros at work after my first skiing lesson – hopefully the start of a lifelong hobby 25.08.12

Winnats Pass in Castleton

Showing my South African friends the real sights of England – in this case, Winnats Pass in Castleton 24.08.12

Climbing in Rivelin Valley

Kevin makes it look easy! My first outdoor climbing lesson in the Rivelin Valley – this was a Grade 4a Severe route which we couldn’t quite conquer 23.08.12

Citroen CV2 on an Audi A8

My business partner Joseph buys a Citroen CV2 to replace his Audi A8 22.08.12

Dinner party

My turn to host Come Fine with Me – someone managed to fit five people into my tiny flat… 21.08.12

Climbing, The Edge Sheffield

My first climbing lesson at the Edge in Sheffield thanks to a birthday gift from Ollie 20.08.12

Ranmoor Church, Sheffield

The stunning Ranmoor Church in Sheffield 19.08.12

Water fountains outside Sheffield train station

Water fountains outside Sheffield train station 18.08.12

After work drinks in the Lescar beer garden

After work drinks in the Lescar beer garden 16.08.12

Rain speckled window

A miserable, grey, rainy day in Sheffield typified by this scene of my rain speckled window 15.08.12

Remains of broken tooth

The sorry remains of my tooth following a long and painful extraction 14.08.12

Runner on track at Don Valley Stadium

Ollie dives for the finish line at the end of a 10k run at Don Valley Stadium 13.08.12

Padley Gorge with view of Stanage Edge

Our camp spot – a misty Padley Gorge with a distant view of Stanage Edge 12.08.12

BBQ fire haze

A late night BBQ while camping in the Peaks to watch (unsuccessfully) the metoer shower 11.08.12

Sheffield helter-skelter

The seaside comes to Sheffield complete with beach and helter-skelter 10.08.12

Cat staring, black cat

The striking stare of Mollie the Cat 09.08.12

Balloon in water fountain

A balloon caught in a bizarre perpetual spinning motion in a water fountain 08.08.12

Ent-like tree roots,Ecclesall Woods

Ent-like tree roots of an upturned tree in Ecclesall Woods 07.08.12

Jamaican Independence Day

Terrible photo but a dash for the camera just captures the passing Jamaican Independence Day celebrations outside my flat 06.08.12

Hallam Cricket Club, cricket match

Swing and a miss! Sunday friendly at Hallam Cricket Club 05.08.12

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