Here’s a poem by my dad about the “evil of our time” following on from his superb lyric, Slaves – To the Capital Man:

The New Front Line

The super-rich in their ivory corporate towers
Control all our lives
And those lives are ours

With the power to de-stabilise
Governments and currencies
To make or break
They dictate our state of health
And wealth
Our very lives

To our dependent body
They are the new placenta
With a whim, a hunch
An idea over business lunch
A few key stokes and enter

This is the evil of our time
The new front line

Be they bankers
Corporate giants
Or simply mega-rich investors
They undermine all our plans and expectations
With their subliminal interference
In the workings of our nations

For our governments rule in fear
Of both them and the voters’ will
Impotent hypocrisy
Masquerading as democracy

But for now just a few
Intent on common sense
Demonstrate and sleep in tents

But the revolution has begun
And in the minds of the people
It will be won!

As with civil rights and women’s rights
And all the wrongs of history
Evil loses its potency when it loses its mystery
Exposed is deposed
When freedom becomes an idea

So when “enough is enough”
Becomes our battle cry
And echoes through the internet and media
We will demonstrate
Then legislate
We won’t vote for politicians who will not take a stand
We won’t buy any products from any greedy corporate hands
As in any war
Short-term pain
For long-term gain

This is the evil of our time
The new front line

(Charles Maiden – 1 July 2012)

Click here to read ‘Slaves – To the Capital Man’

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