I recently completed a long held life goal and went to my first ever music festival – No Direction Home. As it was the first year of this festival, run by the organisers of End of the Road, big names were few and far between however the festival certainly didn’t disappoint. The following 12 pictures summarise my experience – one I’ll never forget…

The Lake Stage, No Direction Home

A laid back crowd enjoyed music at the Lake Stage (right) – with a distant Electric Dustbowl Stage (left, red). There was a large enough crowd to create an atmosphere without it ever feeling overly busy.

Acoustic stage, man and guitar

The moment when I first thought “music festivals are awesome”. On the first evening, this guy (name unknown) played his heart out on the tiny acoustic stage. We were sitting on logs right in front of the stage, with a log fire crackling away nearby. A perfect moment.

Moon Duo light show

An incredible light show beamed onto the roof of the big top courtesy of Moon Duo with their unique brand of psychedelic rock.

Giant bubbles

The perfect job? This woman’s job was simply to send these giant bubbles floating above the crowd. A popular character she quickly became.

Other Lives at No Direction Home

Discovering new bands was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the festival. In this case, the incredible Other Lives. If you like Radiohead, you’ll love these guys. Look them up!

Piggy-back through mud

This is what younger brothers are for… apparently. Ollie’s first method of avoiding the mud….

Flying man, jumping photo

Keen to avoid walking in the mud again, Ollie decides to fly instead! The mud was unexpectedly reasonable though considering the rest of the country was apparently flooding at the time.

The Crookes at No Direction Home

My other musical highlight: The Crookes. Their usual dose of energy, and a rock beat, was a refreshing change to the plethora of folk at the festival. But alas they didn’t call upon the backing singing services of Ollie and I again.

Ice cream van queue

The ice cream van queue the moment the sun came out. This guy had barely served a customer all weekend… and then…

Men doing sack race

Three grown men pretending they’re ten years old again! The festival was extremely family friendly with a host of activities for children. We took advantage! Watching cult classic The Goonies also crept onto the agenda…

Crazy naked dancing man

There’s always one! The personification of festival spirit… dancing in your pants like you just don’t care!

Big top against glorious red sun set

The Electric Dustbowl stage set against a glorious sun set. The sun goes down on No Direction Home, and my first music festival experience…

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Founder of Goalvanise which enables people to create their Life List online, and inspires and supports them to achieve their life goals. Check out the Goalvanise blog here or my personal blog here.

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