It’s been a fantastic month for photography with my hitchhike to the Arctic Circle, including a walk on a glacier, and my first ever music festival. Also look out for more zombiism, street art and a remarkable circular double rainbow!

Grey horse head shot

Jasper poses for a photo – little does he know these photos will see him being sold to a new owner… 04-07-12

If you can’t drive, why have such a big car?! I watched this woman trying to park for 20 whole minutes… and this was the final result! Getting out was even funnier! 03.07.12

The industrial meets the natural in Kelham Island

The industrial meets the natural in Kelham Island 02.07.12

Riding bareback

Riding bareback for the first time courtesy of the very cute Jasper 01.07.12

Sheffield street art

Never short of photo inspiration with so much street art in Sheffield… 30.06.12

Hallam FC (oldest football ground in the world)

The calm after the storm – a tranquil Hallam Cricket Club (with the oldest football ground in the world on the far side) 29.06.12

Broken into car

Arriving home to find my car has been broken into and the battery has run flat 28.06.12

Circular double rainbow and silhouette of the aeroplane

A remarkable circular double rainbow with the silhouette of the aeroplane in the centre 27.06.12

Pristine reflection of Oslo's new waterfront development

Pristine reflection of Oslo’s new waterfront development 26.06.12

10 metre high 'Havmannen' (Ocean Man) in Mo i Rana

The 10 metre high ‘Havmannen’ (Ocean Man) in Mo i Rana 25.06.12

Svartisen Arctic glacier

Standing on a glacier at midnight inside the Arctic Circle – one of the best experiences of my life… 24.06.12

Chris Gruar Cycling4Cancer resting

Rest day in Mo i Rana – especially for Chris after cycling over 200km the day before! 23.06.12

Arctic mountain landscape

My reward after reaching the Arctic Circle after 5 and half days of incredibly tough hitchhiking 22.06.12

Arctic Midnight Sun, windmills

My first sight of the Arctic Midnight Sun – this was taken in Sweden around 2am on a night when it never really got dark 21.06.12

This seagull hovered directly above me for 30 minutes on the ferry to Denmark (is this the Jonathan Livingstone Seagull I’m named after?!) 20.06.12


Stopping for liquid refreshment en route to Hamburg with Bjorn and Marcus 19.06.12

White cliffs of Dover

The white cliffs of Dover on day two of my hitchhike to the Arctic 18.06.12

Funny English place names: Trolling Down Hill (Green Street Green Road)

You’ve got to love funny England place names. One of the best: Trolling Down Hill (Green Street Green Road) 17.06.12

Hitching4Cancer packing

Packing the night before the hitchhike begins – and realising I can’t carry it all! 16.06.12

Careers Detectives in action

Careers Detectives in action as we record footage in a local school for our promo video 14.06.12

'The Pool Game' by Geiger Counter Theatre at Sheffield Cathedral

‘The Pool Game’ by Geiger Counter Theatre at Sheffield Cathedral 13.06.12

Old fashioned pint glasses

Old fashioned pint glasses, but a new friendship as Ollie and I meet Ula from Poland 12.06.12

England v France in Euro 2012

Ollie on the edge of his seat as England battle France in Euro 2012 11.06.12

Levitation, No Direction Home

Ollie demonstrates his levitation skills en route to the The Crookes gig at No Direction Home festival 10.06.12

The lake stage (right) and Electric Dustbowl ‘big top’ stage (left) at the No Direction Home festival 09.06.12

Colourful bubble

A colourful bubble floats above the main stage at the No Direction Home music festival 08.06.12

The Eschatrilogy zombie extra

A menacing looking zombie extra on the set of The Eschatrilogy 07.06.12

Street art: Everyone's a Winner

“Everyone’s a Winner” street art brightening up a building site in Sheffield centre 06.06.12

Sheffield Botanical Garden bear pit

Steel statue in the old bear pit at Sheffield’s Botanical Garden 05.06.12

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