Greetings from the Arctic Circle! I completed my 3000km hitchhike to the Arctic yesterday after 5 and a half long days. I finished 96km ahead of Chris in our 7 day challenge, who was tasked with riding 600km over some very mountainous terrain, and endured a 200km ride in a single day in a sprint to the finish. My finish ahead of schedule was thanks largely to a 36-hour, non-stop, no-sleep, 1000km hitchhike bender from Hamburg to Oslo, and then a single truck driver taking me the remaing 1000km to the Arctic over the next day and a half.

Cycling4Cancer at the Havmannen, Mo i Rana

Meeting up with Chris at the 10m heigh ‘Havmannen’ (‘Ocean Man’) in Mo i Rana, just south of the Arctic Circle

I’ll write more about my experiences soon, and Chris and I have both taken footage to make a short video which will no doubt feature a heedy mix of gruelling pain, the monotony of motorway driving and waiting at service stations, coupled with some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery, meeting wonderful people from across the world and some bizarre stories from the road. But for now, I’m now very much enjoying some well earned relaxation time in Mo i Rana, the last town before the Arctic Circle, before myself and Chris head back into the Arctic tomorrow on bikes to the Svartisen glacier. We’ll spend a couple of nights camping in the national park before Chris sets off for a further 25,000km cycle ride to Australia and I hitchhike back down to Oslo to fly home.

As always, I urge you to recognise the fundraising efforts of Chris and I by making a donation through his JustGiving page. Our trips are entuirely self-funded so every single penny will go directly towards cancer research.

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