On 17th June, I’ll start hitchhiking from Sheffield to the Arctic Circle to raise money for the Association of International Cancer Research. This 2000 mile journey will take me through eight countries and, to make it more difficult, as well as fun, I’ll be racing my good friend Chris Gruar who is currently cycling to Australia.

We’ll each have 7 days. I’ll need to cover around 300 miles a day thanks only to the goodwill of strangers. Chris will start the race in Dombas south of Trondheim, and will have 400 miles to cover. His 60 miles per day will be extremely difficult given the rough, mountainous terrain and the weight he is carrying on his bike. Just like Chris, I’ll be carrying all I need and camping by the road each night.

Here’s the route I’m aiming to take…

As well as raising money for cancer research, and catching up with Chris, I’m hoping my trip will demonstrate that hitchhiking is an excellent way to travel the world. It’s free and environmentally friendly, but more so it’s about gaining a genuine insight into a country, embracing the unknown and maintaining a sense of adventure. This certainly promises to be a journey I’ll never forget.

Chris, having now cycled over 4000 kilometres, has already raised £6500 for cancer research. With your help, I’d like to get him over the £7500 mark, three quarters of the way to his target of £10,000. I hope you will appreciate that to hitchhike this far in just seven days is an incredibly challenging feat – especially as I’ve never hitchhiked before. But if you don’t think this is challenging enough, then please consider donating to recognise Chris’ epic 30,000 kilometre ride to Australia.

So please, have a couple less drinks in the pub this week and donate a tenner to the AICR through Chris’ JustGiving page. Every penny donated will go directly to the AICR.

Some notes on AICR:

By donating to AICR, you will be directly assisting the ongoing fight to find a cure to cancer. AICR is an independent charity whose global aim is to save lives that are being lost to cancer by improving prevention, detection and treatment. AICR is the only charity dedicated to the worldwide scientific fight against cancer. Since 1980, AICR has played a major role in funding ground breaking cancer research. At present they are funding over 215 cancer research projects in more than 23 countries.

About Jon Maiden

Founder of Goalvanise which enables people to create their Life List online, and inspires and supports them to achieve their life goals. Check out the Goalvanise blog here or my personal blog here.

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  1. Terje says:

    Good Luck! Hitch hiking can be fun, but also challenging, frustrating and tiring, but in the end still fun and rewarding 🙂 Be careful also!

    • Jon Maiden says:

      Hi Terje,
      Sounds like you’ve hitchhiked before. How did you get on? And where do you do it? Any tips? Looking forward to getting on the road…

  2. AICR (@AICR) says:

    We look forward to following your journey. Be safe! Vickie @AICR

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