Month 4 of my photo a day challenge including a trip to the seaside, the first press coverage for my business, an adorable little monster, an encounter with David Cameron, and my new microadventure toy!

Snow on a post box

The long awaiting snow finally arrives - taken at Victoria Quays during the blizzard 04.02.12

Cute hamster

Hamster sitting - meet Mackerel, the world's cutest desert rodent! 03.02.12

Spooky graveyard, snow filled sky

A snow filled sky (this was taken in complete darkness) in a spooky graveyard 02.02.12

Career Detectives in The Star

Career Detectives' first media coverage in The Star 01.02.12

My friend perusing his card at birthday drinks 31.01.12

Water feature outside Sheffield train station

Water feature outside Sheffield train station 30.01.12

Tate sculpture outside Tate Library

Sculpture of Tate outside the library of his name in Brixton 29.01.12

Silhouette of Kings Cross station

The striking silhouette of Kings Cross train station 28.01.12

Incredible double rainbow

An incredible double rainbow seen while driving through the Welsh countryside 27.01.12

View over misty Sheffield

A panoramic view over a misty Sheffield taken from the Cholera Monument 26.01.12

Inflatable kayak - Gumotex Twist 1

Water microadventures here we come! My new inflatable kayak arrives 25.01.12

Modern Sheffield architecture

Modern Sheffield architecture - apparently award winning too! 24.01.12

David Cameron speaking

Taken shortly before my chat with David Cameron at an event in Leeds 23.01.12

Colourful Scarborough beach huts

Colourful beach huts at the end of my 25 mile walk from Whitby to Scarborough 22.01.12

Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey at the start of our 25 mile walk to Scarborough 21.01.12

Hillsborough Park

A beautiful sunny day in Hillsborough Park 20.01.12

A lonely cloud above the Arts Tower, Sheffield

A lonely cloud above Sheffield's Arts Tower made famous by Terry Pratchett 19.01.12

Graffiti or art?

Graffiti or art? Found in Park Hill flats in Sheffield 18.01.12

Birds on statue in Leeds City Square

Birds find an eminent perch in Leeds City Square 17.01.12

The River Don on the Wicker, Sheffield

A mossy bridge overlooking the River Don 16.01.12

Feet up in front of TV

Feet up on a well earned 'lazy Sunday' 15.01.12

Hope Church near Castleton, Peak District

Hope Church at the start of a bike ride through the Peaks 14.01.12

Waterfall in Rivelin Valley

A small waterfall in the Rivelin Valley 13.01.12

A crisp winter's morning looking towards Park Hill flats

Experimenting with depth of field on a sunny winter's day 12.01.12

Stained glass roof of Sheffield Cathedral

Looking up at the stained glass roof of Sheffield Cathedral 11.01.12

Silhouette of trees against a stormy sky

Silhouette of trees against a stormy sky 10.01.12

Stannington Church through an archway

Stannington Church through an archway 09.01.12

A misty Winnet's Pass in Castleton, Peak District

A view of a misty Winnet's Pass in Castleton 08.01.12

Sun breaking through clouds in Bretton, Peak District

A glorious sun breaking through the clouds in Bretton, Peak District 07.01.12

Sheffield General Cemetery

A view of a spooky derelict church at Sheffield General Cemetery 06.01.12

Rainbow through a rain speckled window

A rainbow through a rain speckled window 05.01.12

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