Last night, in search of my photo for the day, I went for a walk through a graveyard in pitch blackness (as you do). I was busily snapping away at the old gravestones set against the incredible glow of snow filled clouds. But as I passed through a section of very recently laid gravestones I had a rather bizarre experience.  With the naked eye I could see nothing unusual. But as I put the camera to my eye I saw an ethereal wisp of light pass in front of the lens. The calm I felt from being in such a tranquil place on such a beautiful winter’s night was replaced by a pounding heart and a sense that there was another presence in that deserted graveyard.

Ghost photo in graveyard

Is this a photo of a ghost?

Undeterred though I continued to take photographs and one in particular produced a very strange result. So judge for yourself. Is this a photo of a ghost passing in front of my camera lens? I certainly can’t think of a plausible explanation to explain this eerie light in the photo. I was wearing nothing which could dangle in front of the lens. There was no wind to blow anything up into the air.

Although this is the only photo which captured anything unusual, there were several times that I saw an unnerving airy presence through the camera lens. Although I always look for scientific explanations, I’ve always been open minded towards a spirit world. So if you can think of any rational explanation for this photo then please let me know. Until then, I doubt I’ll be walking through a graveyard by myself at night…

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  1. harbinger451 says:

    The only ghost that this is a photo of is the ghost of some spaghetti… or maybe even some cheese strings!
    Seriously though – its more likely to be a few strands of hair or fiber very close to the lens – so totally out of focus – and then lit by the camera’s flash. It could possibly be breath (if it was very cold at the time) or smoke – but I think it has too much substance for that.
    The one thing I think it definitely isn’t – is a photo of the disembodied spirit of a dead person – but that’s just my opinion.

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