Sunset from a mountain topThis video follows our 15 mile walk on a snowy winters day, the direction of which was decided randomly by the spin of a bottle outside my front door. The idea behind this microadventure is that it would enable us to discover more about where we live, find hidden places of interest, and provide adventure as our path was governed entirely by the needle on the compass. It worked! A bearing close to due west led us to the oldest football ground in the world, a series of beautiful reservoirs, Stanage Edge overlooking the snow capped Peak District and a climb up a small mountain to watch the sunset. Truly random, simply incredible!

I hope you enjoy the video… and that it inspires you to spin a bottle outside your own front door and start your own random journey of discovery…


About Jon Maiden

Founder of Goalvanise which enables people to create their Life List online, and inspires and supports them to achieve their life goals. Check out the Goalvanise blog here or my personal blog here.

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  1. wow – that sunset certainly = a decent reward!

    • Jon Maiden says:

      Thanks for checking out the video and re-tweeting the link Al. Yes, certainly was a decent reward. Brilliant how 15 miles landed us almost precisely on top of Win Hill at sunset. Sometimes the best things are those you cannot plan for…

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  4. Great to re-watch this one after so long, and it made me so damn homesick!!! C2C or Munro walking trip this August? 🙂

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