I’ve set myself the challenge of taking a photo every day for a year. The idea is that it will help me become more imaginative with photography and incentivise me to explore the world around me and do something new or interesting every day. I can’t guarantee that all photos will be exciting – I certainly can’t imagine they will all be of high quality – but I believe this is an excellent way to remember each and every day for its own unique reason…

Here are the photos I took during the first month of my challenge (click the photos to see full size):

A birthday night out at The Last Laugh comedy club. The comedy was poor, but the company of these bunch of jokers was fantastic! 04.11.11

A panoramic view of my wonderful city, Sheffield 03.11.10

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a car park! The iconic 'Sugarcube' car park in Sheffield 02.11.10

My first ever attempt at making Yorkshire Puddings. Dare I say, better than my mums! 01.11.10

The darker side of where I live - yet another murder scene... 31.10.11 (the brilliant editing of this photo is thanks to Charlie Weeds Photography)

The Monument of William Wallace in Stirling. Beats a statue any day! 30.10.11

An indian feast during a weekend where we were shown the very best in Scottish hospitality 29.10.11

Look closely - this photo is upside down. An incredible reflection in a lake in Perth 28.10.11

Taking the unconventional route, a nerve jangling ridge scramble en route to the summit of Ben Nevis 27.10.11

Taking a moment to experience the magnificence of Scotland from atop the Glen Shiel Ridge 26.10.11

A distant view of the Nevis range from the Commando Memorial. You really couldn't ask for a better spot for your memorial... 25.10.11

Two weary Munro Baggers enjoying the blissful autumn sunshine in the Scottish wilderness 24.10.11

A view over the Glencoe valley to the Aonach Eagach ridge from my favourite mountain, Bidean nam Bian 23.10.11

A stunning view of Loch Sloy from the slopes of Ben Vorlich - my first Munro climb 22.10.11

After a 6 hour drive to Loch Lomond, this was our first wild camp spot on our Munro Bagging mircoadventure. 21.10.11

The battle for world domination is finely poised during my first game of Risk in years 20.10.11

My friend Mike proudly behind the counter of his new Japanese takeaway restaurant Yo! Sushi 19.10.11

Some very creative revision notes. I'm so glad I'm no longer a student! 18.10.11

Calorific indulgence courtesy of a new patisserie in my neighbourhood 17.10.11

Enjoying the autumn sunshine after a fantastic afternoon in the park playing a bizarre 'Aussie Rules' kicking game 16.10.11

A paraglider on the slopes of Mam Tor in the Peak District. Certainly inspired me to try this someday...15.10.11

Capturing my directorial debut as my first ever microadventure video goes live online... 14.10.11

The AIESEC Sheffield Class of 2011-12. The next generation of business leaders partying hard 13.10.11

Autumn is well and truly here! A blanket of colour in Graves Park in Sheffield 12.10.11

Exploring my local community I found this fantastic walkway only two minutes from my flat. The things you find when you start to look...11.10.11

Two years of hard work later and the final Career Detectives prototype arrives in the post...10.10.11

Janet's Foss waterfall in Malham, North Yorkshire. Wow! Need I say more? 09.10.11

A lonely tree in an alien landscape in Grassington, North Yorkshire 08.10.11

An imaginative sign on the newly refurbished, iconic Park Hill flats in Sheffield 07.10.11

Winter is coming! Raindrops on the window as the first spell of wintery weather hits Sheffield 06.10.11

Having fun with my first SLR camera. Seeing my home in a brand new light 05.10.11

Which is your favourite photograph? I’m keen to hear your feedback on this project and please let me know if you start your own photo journal…

About Jon Maiden

Founder of Goalvanise which enables people to create their Life List online, and inspires and supports them to achieve their life goals. Check out the Goalvanise blog here or my personal blog here.

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  1. Heather says:

    I stumbled upon your blog after searching for photo-a-day blogs. I have decided to do something similar for 2012 and to blog it, and I wanted to see what kind of company I was in. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I like your photos — especially the lonely tree and the upside-down reflection.

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