See below for a video following my first expedition to climb all 284 Scottish peaks above 3000 feet / 914 metres (the Munros). Over 5 walks we covered 77km and over 5500m of ascent – that’s only just shorter than Kilimanjaro! Despite some very Scottish weather (wind, rain, hail, snow, fog etc) we had a fantastic time and I’m now 13 Munros closer to my target. Plenty more climbing to do… and I can’t wait to be back in Scotland…

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  1. Alastair Wallace says:

    Bagging is macho language. You climbed a hill – excellent! R

    • Jon Maiden says:

      Actually we climbed 13 of them. And technically they’re classed as mountains. But that’s besides the point…

      There is nothing ‘macho’ about the term Munro Bagging – it’s simply the pursuit to stand on each of the 284 Munros summits i.e. getting them “in the bag”.

      This was my first ever experience in the Scottish Highlands and as such is an achievement I am proud of. So please channel your negativity elsewhere. Perhaps Munro Bagging would help you see a more positive side to life…


      • John Walker says:

        Hey Jon, Just a quick post to give some positivity. That was a great video, found it on youtube and loved it. I am going on my first munro bagging micro adventure this month.

        Great Stuff!


      • Jon Maiden says:

        Thanks for your kind comment John. And great to hear you’re embarking on your own Munro bagging microadventure this month. Should be a fantastic experience to do it with snow on the peaks. I’ve since been back and bagged about 11 more myself. Just love Scotland! Enjoy your trip, Jon

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